Give your Notion Super Powers!

Connect Notion to IFTTT, Zapier, and more.

Event Hooks

Create event hooks to create or update blocks from services like IFTTT and Zapier. This makes it easy to build recipes like:

  • Send an email to add something to your Notion Inbox page
  • Automatically update a weather block on your Notion dashboard page every day
  • Send web form submissions to a Notion database
  • etc...

See real setup tutorials in the Blog

HTML Widgets

Create simple HTML widgets using Notion database data that can be embedded back in Notion.

Great for charts and graphs, sub-tables, and alert notices, like:

  • Show a big red banner if the ticket database has new un-assigned entries
  • Show a gauge chart of current sales pipeline performance
  • etc...

Calendar Feeds

Create iCal feeds from your Notion databases. This makes it easy to share your Notion calendar to Google Calendar, Thunderbird, etc - any service that works with iCal.

See real setup tutorials in the Blog

Action Buttons

Add buttons to your Notion pages to trigger Zapier hooks, IFTTT maker events, etc (requires the Chrome extension). These buttons facilitate actions like:

  • Save the current page to Google Drive
  • etc...

See real setup tutorials in the Blog