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Collect Form Submissions in a Database via IFTTT

Collect Form Submissions in a Database via IFTTT

Using IFTTT and Power Up for Notion, it's quite easy to let people fill out forms on the web and have the result added to a database in Notion.

Although you could use just about any form service, and individual use-cases can vary dramatically, this lab will use Google Forms for a basic Contact Us form to get you started.

1. Create a Google Form

First, go to Google Forms and create a basic form

It's super simple to set up a new form in Google Forms. In this example, I'm just including the basic name, email address, and message.

Submit a test entry in your form, and open up the related Google Sheet where submission are going.

Record the URL of the sheet, and also observe the columns where data is being stored (you'll need this all later).

Sidebar: To get the embed code for the Google Form, open the responses Google Sheet, and select Form > Embed form in a webpage.

2. The Notion Database

You will also require a database in Notion to capture these entries, making sure we have the same fields in as in the form.

The only addition I did here is a Date field to track when the submission was made.

Get the URL Link of this database for later.

3. Power Up Event Hook

Next, we'll need to create an Event Hook in Power Up for Notion.

For Hook Action, select "Create Table Row"

Past in the URL Link from step 2 into the URL of Notion Database field.

Below the buttons, you'll get the details you'll need next.

By the "Expected JSON Payload" block, click on IFTTT to get the specific formatted version for IFTTT.

Make note of these values.

4. The IFTTT Applet

Now, go to IFTTT, and create a new Applet.

For the trigger (IF) part, select "New row added to spreadsheet" from Google Sheets and supply the URL of the sheet from step 1

For the action (THAT), select Webhook (Make a web request), and provide the necessary fields

For the URL paste in the POST to URL you got in step 3.

Method should be "POST" and Content Type should be "application/json".

For the Body, paste in the Expected JSON Payload from step 2 specific to IFTTT. Then replace "INGREDIENT" with the field value ingredients for the columns as we determined in step 1 (eg Name was in Column B, etc). Also remove any unwanted columns (but be careful not to break the JSON format).

5. Test it out

That's all that's to it. Let's test it out.

Go back to the Google Form and enter a submission.

And within a minute or so, you'll see the submission in Notion.

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