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Daily Weather in Notion from Zapier

Daily Weather in Notion from Zapier

Do you want the daily weather forecast in Notion? It's easy with Zapier.

1. Weather Block

Create a block in Notion where you'd like the weather to show up and get the URL (link) of that block

2. Event Hook

In order to update this block, we'll need an event hook in Power Up. Create a new hook using the URL you got from step 1 above

Again, make special note of the Post to URL and JSON payload presented to you

Click on the Zapier link to get the specific Zapier-formatted payload

3. Build the Zap

Nowe we can move to Zapier and create a new zap.

The first step will be using Schedule by Zapier

Set the time of day you want this zap to run every day

The next step will be to get the current weather using Weather by Zapier

Lastly, we use Webhooks by Zapier to send this data to Notion Power Up and update the Notion block

For the URL use the POST to URL from your hook in Power Up.

The Payload Type needs to be Json

In the Data section, add a token field with the token value from your hook in Power Up

Also add a value field and construct how you'd like the weather to be presented in Notion.

All the other fields can remain the defaults.

4. Voila! Weather in Notion

And lo and behold, you now have daily weather in Notion

Brrr! It's freezing here 😀

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