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Email to Notion using IFTTT

Email to Notion using IFTTT

One of the most requested Notion features is to be able to be able to add content via email.

In this lab, we're going to accomplish that with IFTTT.

1. Inbox Page URL

First thing to do is grab the URL of the page you want to add content to.

2. Create new Event Hook

In Power Up, select the Hooks menu option, and click on Create Event Hook

Give your hook a name, and paste in the URL from step 1

Note that you can select any Block Type you wish (eg To Do, Toggle, etc),

Take note of the instructions that appear below, especially the POST to URL and Expected JSON Payload

On the Expected JSON Payload section, click the IFTTT link to get the specialized payload for IFTTT and take note of this.

3. Create your IFTTT Applet

Now go to IFTTT and create a new applet.

For the trigger (This), choose Email

And fill in the required fields

And for the action (That), choose the Webhook service

In the URL field paste in the value from the Power Up hook field that showed POST to URL

Set the Method to POST and Content Type to application/json

In the Body field, paste in the value from the Power Up hook field that showed Expected JSON Payload after clicking on the IFTTT link and replace "INGREDIENT" with the Body ingredient. Be very careful not to damage the token value.

Click Create action and you're all done

4. Test it out

Let's give this a quick test to make sure all is well.

Go to your page that you selected to add content to

Compose an email to with a message you want to add to Notion

Hit Send and watch your Notion page.

Within seconds, you should see your email being added to the page

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