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Getting Started

Getting Started

Power Up for Notion let's you connect services like IFTTT and Zapier to your Notion account. In fact, any service that uses Webhooks can be connected.

1. Get the Chrome Extension

First thing you need is to install the Chrome extension. Get it here:

Notion Power Up
Give your Notion Account Super Powers

2. Sign up for a Power Up account

Next, you'll need a Power Up account. Go to the website

Notion Power Up by Globi
Connect Notion to IFTTT, Zapier, and more. Create event hooks to create or update blocks from services like IFTTT and Zapier. This makes it easy to build recipes like: Send an email to add something to your Notion Inbox page Automatically update a weather block on your Notion dashboard page every day When you like a Tweet, automatically have it added to a Notion database Automatically save new iPhone screenshots in a Notion database etc...

and click on the Sign Up or Login buttons

Then enter your email address and click on the Send Token button

You'll receive an email with a one-time login token as well as a magic link to log in with.

Either paste the token into the login page

Or just click on the Log In link in the email

You should now be logged in

3. Authorize your Notion account

Lastly, you'll need to authorize your Notion account.

Click on the red alert triangle in header header

That will show a page showing the status of all pre-requisites

Click on the Authorize button

This will bring you to Notion, with a pop-up requesting access

Click on the Allow button

You should now be back at the connection page showing that you're successfully connected

You're all set now to start creating event hooks and action buttons

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