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View Notion Events in Google Calendar

View Notion Events in Google Calendar

If you want to see your Notion events in your Google Calendar, it's easy with Notion Power Up. In fact, this doesn't just apply to Google Calendary, but ANY calendar application that takes iCal feeds (eg Thunderbird, etc).

1. Notion Table URL

Given any database with a date field in Notion, the first thing we'll need is the URL link

Note 1: Your dabase must have a date field for this to work.

Note 2: Your database cannot be too large (<100 entries). If your database is larger, then you can create a view of a subset of the data and use the link to the view instead.

2. Calendar Feed

In Notion Power Up, select Calendar Feeds from the menu, and click on Create iCal Feed

Paste the URL from step 1 into the URL of Notion Database field, and select the appropriate fields for Date Field and Summary Field

At the bottom, you'll see the Feed URL. Copy this to your clipboard as you'll need it next.

3. Add to Google Calendar

Now, go to your Google Calendar, and click on the + by Other calendars and select From URL

Paste in the Feed URL from step 2 and click Add calendar

4. Enjoy your Calendar

Now, when you go back to your Google Calendar main view, the calendar from Notion

Appears in Google

Note 3: Notion Power Up caches calendar data for up to 1 hour, so changes you make in Notion may only appear in the feed an hour later.

Note 4: Google only refreshes it's calendar from ourside URL's every now and then. It could take a few hours for changes to be visible.

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